About the School

The Apes Hill Polo Club Polo School offers Polo lessons, Stick and ball instructional chukkas, Regular Chukkas and even One on One with our HPA qualified instructor. Catering to youngsters age 12 and up. The school is open from December 1st to May 31st annually. School Facilities include a practice field where all activities are conducted of the option for Main field activities are also availalbe. Want to play club chukkas? Clients are more than welcome to join in on Apes Hill Club chukka days as well as Barbados Polo Club.


 Apes Hill Polo Club Activity Price List







Price $US

Per Person


Price $US

Per Person

Inc. VAT



Price $BDS

Per Person


Price $BDS

Per Person Inc. VAT (17.5%)


Polo Lesson


1 hour










Stick & Ball


1 hour: 4 horses











Instructional (3 a side)












Chukkas (Apes Hill)












Chukkas (Away)












4 Chukka Match (Apes Hill)












4 Chukka Match (Away)












3 Goal Pro Match Fee

Excluding Horse Rentals









































 For more information please email: school@apeshillpolo.com 

Never tried your hand at polo before?

Not a problem, we have had many clients have their first lesson with us. We guarantee you will be hitting the ball the first lesson you have. What to wear for a polo lesson? Wear a pair of jeans, and a comfortable shirt with riding boots if you have. If you do not own riding boots wear a pair of sneakers or boots with a short heel. We also do have a helmets and kneepads on hand but highly suggest brining your own kit for personal comfort. Be a beginner or a pro, we are here to cater to the improvement of polo and equestrian skills. We pride ourselves in creating a bespoke experience for the individual.



*All polo activities are dependent on the weather due to the safety of the riders and the horses. If you are interested in taking a polo lesson or more please contact us at Rory@apeshillpolo.com or school@apeshillpolo.com


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