Apes Hill Polo Sponsor the Texaco Trophy at Cowdray Park Polo Club- UK

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    Apes Hill Polo new sponsor of Texaco Trophy at Cowdray Park Polo Club
    Jun 13 , 2017 | Posted by: admin

    This summer,  Apes Hill Polo Club will sponsor the 2017 Texaco 12 Goal tournament at Cowdray Park Polo Club in the United Kingdom. The 12 Goal level tournament starts on the 20th of June and the Final is played on the 8th of July. Not only is this a great level tournament but it falls during the beginning of the Gold cup at Cowdray Park as well allowing for lots of great polo to be watched. To sweeten the deal, the prize for the winning team of this amazing tournament will be a week’s holiday at our amazing Polo Club and facilities here in Barbados. (flights not included). Of the last few decades, Sir Charles Williams has had a great ongoing relationship with Cowdray Park Polo Club and It has continued through the years and generations. Each year the clubs look for other great ways to work together to keep offering great polo and opportunities. If you find yourself in the Midhurst area this summer, take the opportunity to come watch some great polo! 


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