Why Barbados ?

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    Of all the countries in the Caribbean, Barbados is considered to be one of the most sought after holiday destinations.  The island is renowned for its beautiful beaches, friendly people, and average year round climate of 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, it has a good road system, fantastic health care, banking system, infrastructure and daily direct flights to and from major cities and all of this in just 166 square miles.

    So why do people choose Barbados for their second home? Polo or Holiday Destination? there are a number of reasons....

    The island is steeped in culture, history and charm.

    Barbados gained its independence from Great Britain in 1966, however, still retains the British legal and education systems. While exploring you will notice the architecture, way of life and manor of people very European. To such an extent, that the island is very frequently knows as “Little England”.

    Not only can Barbados boast for such a small island to have seen some of the greats play here, but it continues to be a choice location for many polo player's and patrons. "Island Polo" can be a great way to describe what playing in Barbados is like, a bit more relaxed. The polo on island while still being competitive has found a way to keep that fun factor and enjoyment in the sport on and off the field. After polo the members can be found in the clubhouse laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Some of these friendships also have very long history, lasting over 3 generations. 

    Polo aside, it has been said that you can access some of the best sports and sports facilities in the world in just a 10-minute drive. From Polo to Horse Racing, Rally Driving, Sailing, Surfing, Diving, Tennis, Golf on some of the best courses in the world (Yes, Barbados offers 3 of the top courses in the world) There is something for everyone. 

    Stepping away from the Sports aspect of Barbados there is so much more to discover. With some of the the best Elite Dining experiences to be found island wide, you won’t be disappointed. Top Restaurants like The Cliff and Nishi will leave you feeling spoilt. Want something a bit more local? Try SeaCat Restaurant located on the west coast. This nifty little place offers a more traditional "bajan" atmosphere and a menu that has been freshly caught that day. This is all if you have time to make a reservation at one of these top restaurants. The Bajan culture is very social and friendly which means home dinners, sun-downers and cocktail parties are always in attendance. Don’t be surprised to find your social calendar filling up quite quickly. 

    For the more adventurous, explorer type, there is so much to see and do.

    Starting with the Rum tours, the legendary St Nicholas Abbey located in the parish of St Peter, is a fully restored 17th century sugar plantation house which now features a plethora of historical artefacts and antiques, including a picture of Sir John Gay Alleyne, the gentleman behind the world-famous Mount Gay Rum. Enjoy samples of rum whilst learning about how it’s made and even have a quick lunch on the amazing Terrace Cafe. Another must do is the Harrisons Cave which is a massive underground cave stream located in the uplands of Barbados. With its large caverns and crystallized formations, it is unmatched thought the Caribbean. This is the perfect opportunity for our nature enthusiasts and those with an adventurous soul to suit up and discover the inner cave passages, crawling and climbing through natural passages and streams of the cave only a few have ever experienced. In this writer’s experience, a Catamaran cruise is a must. For any visitor coming to the shores of Barbados this is an absolute must. Offering a 5 hours cruise on these amazing sailing boats, enjoy a day of swimming with turtles, refreshing cocktails, snorkeling, lunch and tons of fun! 

    On the other spectrum, Barbados boasts a great environment for business and investment and is one of the most successful international real estate markets globally. With many international tax and investment protection treaties and a long history of democracy, social and economic stability and quality of life (as ranked by the United Nations), Barbados continues to strengthen its position in the global arena. The island is the third most developed country in the western hemisphere (the first and second being Canada and the US). According to the World Bank, Barbados is classified as being in its 66 top High income economies of the world.

    With over half a million visitors a year (double the permanent population of the island) Barbados continues to grow in popularity.  Many guests who visit the island return year after year and purchase second homes here, and it’s not hard to see why.


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